Glashutte Original Watch With Diamond Beauty

  Glashutte Original, a prestigious watch-maker that can be traced back to the history in second half of the 19th century in Germany, is internationally known for creating supreme refined and elegant timepieces, and now it belongs to the audemars piguet replica Swatch Group yet is still manufacturing immaculate watches.
This year, Glashutte Original pleasantly unveiled its new PanoMatic Lunar XL watch, a watch that defines diamond beauty. This Glashutte Original watch is a very bright novelty created by an inspiration of the moon and the night replica watch. This model is designed with a 39.4mm stainless steel case which brings out a sensory appeal. And it incorporates a bezel with a shimmering play of 64 clear white diamonds. Featuring the brand’s signature adornment, this timepiece is bedecked with a three-quarter plate and blued screws. Besides, there is a decoration of the caliber which is endowed with a duplex swan-neck fine adjustment for the purpose of ensuring a precise regulation of its beat and rate and a 42-hour power reserve.
What breathes life to this novelty is the automatic mechanical calibre 90-12 movement which exudes the fascinating details. Armed with a sapphire crystal case-back, this model is coupled with a set of functions, displayed on a shining white mother-of-pearl or mystic black dial. Besides, it is also endowed with an off-centered hour and minute display as well as high-grade diamonds, acting as hour-markers. And there is a small seconds counter featuring the display of the case. Moreover, the timepiece is embellished with an oversized panorama date aperture and a moon phase indicator. The moon phase display reflects a silver moon and stars against a fine-grained silver sky. Besides, this watch is delivered by a Louisiana alligator leather strap or a rubber strap, both of which are bestowed upon an easy changing system. How do you like this replica watch, stylish and beautiful Glashutte Original watch, it is bound to make a perfect match for a dressy occasion.

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